Thursday, June 25, 2009

Trip Tick Tock...

OK, so Saturday was Travel Day One and I loved the time with my Sweetie. Then, we got to the hotel, and you know how that went. Sunday travel day was not so great, but Sunday night was great 'cause I saw my grandkids and my daughter. We took lots of pics and I'll be working on those pages soon. Romeo and I stayed in Houston for 2 nights, then Headed to Dallas. He is awesome! We are staying another night here so I can go on the inaugural Cowboys Stadium tour. And since we have to be here anyway...that's right...we went to the Dallas Galleria Mall!!! You aren't going to believe this one, but I went to a 4 floor mall and didn't buy one pair of shoes. That's because I am saving my money to buy you new toys and paper and embellishments -- oh, my!

I talked to Michelle yesterday and gave her the wish list. She has some great things on the way and now it is she who will be getting in trouble when I get back. Funny how life changes, huh? Give her a call and ask her what she bought, because I don't know yet! The closer we get to Christmas in July, the more excited I get. She has such a fun time planned. I like the way this is working out, with Michelle not working in the store, I mean. She would beg to differ with that right now. And, all kidding aside, she has my love and my gratitude for the person she is and the sacrifices she makes.

Have you reserved your crop spot yet for Friday July 24th? If not, don't let the chance get by you. It is $15 for an all night crop, with lots of surprises.

See you soon...The Mom

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