Saturday, July 4, 2009

She's back.....

The trip around the Country was awesome and we are still vacationing. We only have today and tomorrow, then it's back to work for both of us. The kids (that would be Michelle and her built in baseball team) are going to Riverfront Park this afternoon. If you are looking for something to do, there will be free concerts and fireworks. We have been before and had great fun. Not sure if Romeo and I are going to make it, though. We put the boat in the water and watched fireworks at Short Stay yesterday. I am sun tired today and he is installing his Father's Day present. Yes, folks, it is a large mouth bass mail box. Wow! It can't compare to the jewelry I got on Mother's Day, but it's all about what makes us happy.

More trip news...We got back really late Saturday night and I have been in and out of the store and talked to some of you. The last post left off the night before our visit to the inside of the new Cowboys Stadium. What a rush that was! Not only did I get to be part of the inaugural tour day, but American Idol was holding auditions there. They told us we couldn't take pictures, but as you know I am not great at doing what I'm told. And if you ever want me to do something, just tell me I can't. So, I'll post the pics soon.

After Dallas, we went to Tennessee. We made the obligatory trip to Graceland and headed straight home after that. As wonderful as the trip was, it was good to see the "Welcome to South Carolina" sign. I spent time while we were gone really thinking about what it is that I want in life and how the store fits into the picture. I have come to the conclusion that The Pink House is a big part of the life plan. I am excited and anxious about the future and am very grateful for your support. I took steps this week to get new product and keep in touch with the new landlord across the street. I have other opportunities for location and am keeping those options open, but I feel like this is the way to go. We are firm believers in things happening for a reason, so whichever site we are supposed to be in will be. But, know that we will remain open in our current location -- 136A Red Bank Road in Goose Creek -- until the new place is up and running. Stay tuned for details.

I know this is a long post, but I have to tell you the really BIG news. We are going to CHA!!! Since it's in Orlando, I'll have my ears on the whole time. I have Mickey, Minnie, and even Fiona ears. The trip will be for business purposes, of course. (Yeah, right!) I'll tell you all about it during our Christmas in July celebration. Don't forget to sign up for the classes and the all night crop, July 24th and 25th.

Thanks to you all for your kind words of encouragement and your friendship. We will have great fun and adventure during July and in the years to come. Come see me and we'll chat.

The Mom


ronee said...

I wanna go to CHA! Either way..if you guys are swinging through..I would love you guys to stop by...
love you guys

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are home safe, Mom. I am glad you and Sweetie had such a good time!! I am excited to see yall and am so jealous of yall going to CHA!! Sounds like it is going to be great (and who can"t get excited about being so close to Disney)!! See yall very soon!!