Thursday, August 19, 2010

Design Studio Classes in August

Coming up the last week of August are classes you have been asking for...

Design Studio 101 -- Monday Aug 30th @ 6:30pm $25
The Mom will walk you through the basics of Design Studio software to take your Cricut cuts to the limits of your imagination.

Design Studio Word Book -- Tuesday Aug 31st @ 6:30pm $35
Instructor Michelle Burke has designed a chipboard word book for you to scrap your summer memories. You'll use Design Studio for the cascading effect and cut the book out on your Cricut. You can use the techniques you learn in this class to make all your Christmas gifts. If you haven't met Michelle, you don't know that she is a hoot. Trust me when I say this. You will have fun, guaranteed!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cricut® Swarm 2nd Saturday of each month

Cricut® Swarm Saturday - 8/14
Dictionary according to Provo Craft:

What is a Swarm? A Swarm is a gathering of Cricut® users and their friends.

Come join your Cricut®-happy friends for challenges and to swap ideas. We signed up with Provo Craft and started our local Swarm in 2007 and have been having fun ever since. The excitement is so great that one Cricuteer was bringing the gang a week early! Good thing they checked the calendar. :) Dive into cartridges for hidden treasures and learn from the best. There is no fee for this event! Bring your machine and your cartridges, your questions and whatever you would like to work on. And, get ready to Cricut like crazy!

We are all set up in the new HUGE crop space and ready for you to choose a table and spread out. We'll see you then.

The Mom

Charleston Scrapbooking


7800 Rivers Ave., Suite 1050

Cricut Cartridge on consigment

One of our customers bought 2 Going Places cartridges and is selling one of them. It is still in the packaging and it is less than $30. Give The Mom a call if you are interested. 569-3559

Click on this link to check out the images...