Friday, February 20, 2009

Cricut classes & events

Okay...let's try that again...

Sorry ladies no Friday the 13th crop. Kinda hard to crop in the dark! And, like Jody says, just think if you were wearing black, we'd never see you. Story goes like this. The permit debacle ended in a glorious piece of paper. But, it started with us not being able to let anybody in. Come visit Michelle and she will tell you all about it.

This Friday we did get to crop and two of my daughters were here. Listen, that's Michelle yelling. Ask her about it when you see her. We will try the Friday the 13th crop in March so I can make it up to you -- that's Debra and Yvonne!!!! Oh, and about Saturday, since no lights, no fun at the Pink House. Sorry again, Ladies. For you, we will make it up to you tomorrow. The big Cricut demo day is Saturday 2/21. Demos all day, cartridge swaps, challenges, and of course, the obligatory snack sharing.

If you are considering getting into the Cricut world, come play with us. If you are frustrated or just have a question. Stop by and see The Mom. I'll leave the lights on for you.

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Lisa said...

I wish I could be there! I'm in VA!! But I know a good time will be had by all!