Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Combo crafting event at the new digs

It has been a long 4 weeks and Michelle has worked us all like dogs. (Just kidding, Honey!) The scraping (that's with one 'p'), cleaning, moving, painting, and of course the laughing, kept us all busy. Yeah, Amber, even The Mom! Special, special thanks to all of you for your help and your support. BTW, there is still lots to do...

But, I digress. The big news is: The new Cricut toys are here and we are going to play on Saturday. During the Steel Magnolia's crop, some of the ladies are going to be cutting their hearts out for the Heart Association. We will have some newcomers to the crop for charity get together this weekend and some old timers, that is seasoned Cricut Swarmers. Man, I am just making up words left and right.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. Since Becky didn't choose the challenger this time, I am electing --- ME! I think I'll pick hearts. Okay, so that isn't exactly a surprise for Valentine's Day, but here's the catch. A prize will go to the most creative use and least traditional of hearts and if you use George, that's a bonus! We'll vote for the winner after all the secrets are divulged. I know it's Tuesday night and you may not have time to make a project before Saturday, so don't worry about it. That will make your vote carry more weight.

Big heads up, Ladies! The space is going fast for the Friday the 13th crop, so call us now to reserve your spot. Wear all black and The Mom will reward you. Gotta love me.

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Lisa said...

Oh I'm in and ready for that Challenge!! I have an idea already!! Happy Cropping! Lisa