Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cricut Mania from CHA!!!!

What a wild ride in July!!! And that's followed up by a whirlwind August! Any of you ladies who have been (at least) trying to keep up with the craziness this summer at TPH know you have to watch the blogs every day. Well, now it gets even better!

Michelle has the lease for the new location next to Toys-R-Us on Rivers Avenue and we should have the key on Monday. I think she ordered everything at CHA and it is like Christmas every day now. She will have the new place filled to the rafters with all the product you crave, so call us enablers! Until she is ready to let you in the door at the new site, we'll be open at the 136 Red Bank Rd location, with regular hours. We have several new instructors with classes ready to go and will have the schedule updated over the next couple of days. And of course my Cricut classes will rock, as always!

I placed my Provo Craft order and have all the new Cricut Cartridges and Cuttlebug embossing folders on the way! If you want one, give me a call to reserve yours. Some of the folders are already spoken for. And, as for the cartridges, I know I want Everday Paper Dolls; Sweethearts looks like fun, and who could pass up From My Kitchen? Michelle has already laid claim to Winter Woodlands and Designer's Calendar. After seeing the Gypsy demo'd at CHA, I ordered one immediately and got all the accessories for myself. And, oh yeah, I'll be glad to show it to you and order one for you, 'cause you will be so jealous!!!

Remember that surprise I promised you?... Well, I got the email that the ScrapCessories cartridge caddies are ready to ship! A fellow scrapbooker and Cricut lover, Daphne Shreiber
designed a tote system for her cartridges, books, and overlays. Daphne's husband is an engineer and she told him what she wanted. The end result will make you squeal with joy! It did me and Michelle had to pretend she didn't know me for the rest of the Show. And, wait until you see the bottle caddy Daphne designed. The system works together with a carry strap and is the best storage solution I've seen. Some of you gave her input at the design and beta testing stages and know what a great idea this system is already. Check out her website and give me a call to reserve yours, 'cause they are on the way to the TPH!!

I'll be in the store on Sunday 1-6pm with my card swap group and have a ton of catalogs to go through, so come play with me today!

See ya soon.
The Mom

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Gomunk said...

I'm so excited about the new place! More room to shop, scrap, and have fun. I'm looking forward to the next Friday night crop, the last one was a total blast!