Monday, July 27, 2009

CHA -- We're Here!!!

After a LONG trip, Michelle and I arrived in Orlando last night @ 10:30. Then, we drove up and down International Blvd for an Hour looking for the hotel! Yes, ladies. I am REALLY bad at directions and left the GPS charger at home. We started out from Charleston well before noon. But, since we had to pass Savannah to get to Florida, we stopped to see my sister. Well, we had to go by Savannah Mall to get to BG's. Yeah, so, we didn't really pass it, right? When we finally got to BG's house, that's when we found out my niece was in Brunswick, which you have to pass to get to Florida. Well, you get the gist. That's how you take 12 hours to get to Orlando. The whole story is hilarious and I can't wait to fill you in next time you come to see me.

Speaking of The Pink House, be sure to come by and give Brandy a big welcome. She is wonderful and you'll love her instantly. Thanks to Jeni for helping out with Brandy's Zoie while Brandy watches the store. And thanks to Amber for keeping Brandy company. She may work her way back up to The Mom's favorite yet! And a big thank you to Sheila and Tina for making our Christmas in July weekend fun Saturday and Sunday. I'll let Michelle tell you all about our Pajama crop antics from Friday night when she blogs. No sleep for that crew, I can tell you!

Michelle and I are going to hit the CHA floor running tomorrow at 9am and not stop until we have all the goodies for you that will keep coming through December. The hardest part is not to order just everything! Today Michelle is at the Rosen learning all about the fabulous COPIC markers. She'll have an official certification on the products when I pick her up at 4 today. Sounds real serious, but we all know how much fun she's having. When she gets back, she'll pass on the skills to you so you get the most out of these marvelous tools. That's right, I said tools 'cause they are way beyond just markers.

To keep you guys happy until the CHA stuff starts rolling off the UPS truck, we have been ordering like crazy this month. Come in and check out the Just Rite Stamper products, the beautiful Bazzill flowers, Marvy punches, Cricut supplies, and of course the newest new toy on the block the i-top brad maker from Imaginisce! Those are just a few of the deliveries we received over the last 2 weeks, so don't miss out.

And be sure and not miss Donna Downey and the Prima fabric flowers, and embellishments. Prima called Brandy today to say they are on the way! The flowers will be here this week and Donna is coming to The Pink House on August 7th. Give Brandy a call to get your name on the list for Donna Downey's visit.

See you soon.
The Mom


Anonymous said...

We had the bet time at the store today! We actually got quite a bit done while answering the phone and helping customers. Brandy is a natural!! She made sure to tell them about the Friday night crops and all the great classes and new products coming in! The store is in good hands while yall gone!

Happy hunting for the latest greatest products and we can't wait to see you when you get back!!

Gomunk said...

This is such a Win-Win for everybody. You guys are shopping for cool stuff for the store, Brandy's watching the store, and I'm watching Zoie.
Friday night was so fun, and Kudos to you on your sneaky escape. **shakes finger** I'll be attending more crops, but those 12 hours ones make the next day a little rough. Are you guys still going to have a Friday crop this week? I think I might be addicted.

Chrissy said...

Wow. I know you guys are having fun in Orlando. I am headed that way on Thursday. Wish I could join you. I will be attending the public tradeshow. Hope to see you there.

Dru said...

Your girls are having so much fun. Wish I was there to see all the goodies. Wow! Bet it's amazing. I will come your way when you come back. I have to plan a day trip to come out there becuz I'm sure I'll be a few hours or so. Looking forward to seeing you again. Have lots and lots of fun and drive safe.

KTluv said...

Have fun girls and do lots of shopping! Wish I could have gone too. Maybe next year! lol

cruisingcrafter said...

Sounds like you are having a blast!!! Wish I was there LOL hope you continue to have great time and buy lots of goodies. see you when you get back

Christine said...

I can't believe you got lost (lol)!!!!!!!!!!! If you find any fun cricut bags that you need to bring home to me, by all means do. Have a great time. My grandson is funny looking , but adorable.
Don't get into too much trouble. See you when we get back.

acs004 said...

Hope ya'll have been having a great time!! Wish i was with ya'll - would love to meet Tim Holtz. Grab lots of goodies and see ya when you get back.... Andrene

daservello said...

I had the best time in the class this week end. It was great to get back into a class. Tina was great and really had great ideas. Can't wait to take more of her classes. Love new things to stock up in my scrap hole, so check it all out!!
Angie Servello I miss move hurry home