Sunday, June 14, 2009

Store vision changing

As you have probably heard, Michelle is going back to school and I have retired from 23 years with Prudential Financial. That is good news, not sad news. The big change in the store will be Michelle helping me instead of me helping her. She will still be contributing her talent in the art and input for product selection, but the running of the business side is now on me. I will continue my Cricut obsession and have begun setting up some classes taught by amazing instructors. Shere may be here awhile after all, Becky's Bears are oh too cute, and Michelle's creations will wow you, and that's just a teaser for now. Never fear, The Mom still rocks on...As Scottie said yesterday, we have to continue our Scrapbookers' Anonymous meetings, after all, right?

I thank you all for your ideas that really have me thinking and I get more excited every day! Be watching for schedule updates and some surprises through July. Michelle, Shere and I are cooking up something special for you, but for now, it's a secret. You can't make me talk, so don't even try it. Okay, maybe just a few hints...We have some hot new products on the way and will be doing the demos very soon. But, remember, it will all be in the planning stage until I get back in July. Keep an eye on the emails and blog updates to get in on the news, just between us girls.

I am looking for weekend support in the store so I can keep the Pink House and still get to spend time with my Sweetie. He is the epitome of the good man, something I thought to be a contradiction in terms before I came to know him. We are going on an 18 day road trip starting this weekend and I will be sending out the details of the new business structure then. In the meantime, please call ahead if you plan to visit the store, as Michelle will be balancing The Pink House and 6 kids out of school for the summer. The girls are all in Cheer Camp and Zane will soon start football again. You have to experience the family dynamic during football season to understand what that means. He is sure to be a Pro after college. (We have really emphasized the 'after college' part of that with him and believe he understands the back-up plan concept.)

I have already added two new artists to the Consignment Corner and spent quite a while with Jessica yesterday. Her husband is very supportive and involved in her projects. Be sure to visit the store to check out her framed albums. Angela has done some wonderful work with Crayons and key fobs that you have to touch to appreciate, and which you moms and altered art fans will love. Kim's Scrap-Ma-Bob bags are a hit and we will continue to carry those for you. Heidi will be leaving us soon. Her husband is being shipped out. She only has 2 of the fabulous painted pre-made pages left and may not have time to bring in more, so come on in and check out her beautiful 3-D paint cards and watercolor pages.

I sent an email out on Thursday about the 60% off craziness and the fixtures we have for you. Let me know if you didn't get it and I'll correct your email address in Michelle's distribution list. I am email stupid, so I have to send the newsletters out from hers.

Sorry about the long post, my friends. That's what happens when you occupy yourself on a sleepless night. So much spinning in my head right now that I am dizzy! (I heard that, Becky.)


jvillinger said...

Hi, Mom!! I had a wonderful time this past Friday! Please let me know what I can do to help (if anything... you know I'm flexible!!)

Love you guys!!
Jenna Ash :)

The Mom said...

Thanks, Jenna! I'll take you up on the help, for sure. FYI, we are having my first big deal on 7/24-7/25. It is Christmas in July @ TPH! Mark the date and bring your crop bag, and Katie, too. The Mom