Thursday, May 21, 2009

Class Schedule

Wanted to make sure everyone had the updated class and swarm schedule...

Tonight - Thursday 5/21 @ 6:30pm - is the Cricut Advanced class, focusing on the use of multi-media.

Next Thursday 5/28 @ 6:30 pm is Intro to Design Studio.

By popular demand, I worked another Cricut 101 in on a Tuesday 6/2 @ 6:30pm. That one's for Emmy Lou and Emma Lou. No, really!

Thursday 6/4 @ 6:30pm is the second of a new series of Design Studio classes. just because I love Tamara and Andrene! Can't wait to see what comeback Andrene has for that one.

The BIG news is: The next Swarm is scheduled for Sunday 5/31 from 1-6pm. Come in and play with us!

Although a little off the Cricut track, we have added two great classes to the June schedule. Becky is back and her tear bears and such are better than ever! Check your calendar for Thursday 6/25 @ 6:30pm.

Michelle (the other one) is working on a surprise for you. She is an amazing talent. Watch for her sample on Michelle's email (you know who I mean). No pressure on "the other Michelle."

Friday crop is cancelled tomorrow 5/22 so Mom can take a night off.

Post on the blog to let me know what you would like to see on the schedule. Because we all know


See you soon.

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