Monday, June 22, 2009

So, have you heard the one about the cable guy?...

If you have been trying to reach us by phone and thought we were just ignoring you, NOT SO! If you want to hear the story here goes. I'll try to do the Reader's Digest thing, but good luck with that. Last week, Michelle and I spent 2 and 1/2 days fighting with our phone service provider (no disparaging remarks from me) and finally got the phone working. I checked before the guy got off the phone to make sure. Soon after I hung up, come to find out we still couldn't make outgoing calls, which took another day. Then, Michelle came in on Thursday and called again because we had no dial tone at all. She got a message there was an outage in the area. So, okay fine, we waited. Next day, still no dial tone. Which is why you were getting the voicemail that whole time! We called again and were told that the phone modem had been unplugged. Well, we tried and tried to tell them we had no phone modem in our store. Of course, they thought we were just a couple of dingy girls with no sense. The last time I called, I was determined to get them to come fix the problem. The landlord came to help us and was very much on our side, confirming there was no equipment in the store we just couldn't find. Michelle was insistent that it was in the other business in our building. Those of you who know the background are jumping ahead of me now. The landlord went next door and of course the business owner there knew of no phone modem for our store that could have gotten unplugged. Really?!... Long story short (believe it or not, this IS the condensed version) a tech came out on Saturday, and sure enough, there was a phone modem next door connected to our side that had been unplugged. How could that be? I guess accidents happen, giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. Anyway, the phone does work for now and you can call Michelle tomorrow. If you haven't already done it, be sure to reserve your seat for the Christmas Eve crop. And don't miss out on the new i-top Tool!

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